Can I use my file system to upload from Gumlet?

Can I use my file system to upload from Gumlet? or do I have to first upload the file publicly to something like goodgle drive using rsync?

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Welcome to Gumlet, @Ritch_Cuvier !

Gumlet supports multiple ways to upload your videos. You can directly upload your video file on your computer to Gumlet.

Login to your account and head over to Video CMS. You will see the “Upload” button on your screen. Click on it and upload your video file.

My colleague Vaibhav has demonstrated this action in one of our recent webinar. Gumlet Webinar: Future of Video Streaming (Gumlet Vs. Vimeo)

Instructions start around 00:20 in the video.

Let me know if this helps. I’ll be happy to assist you.

My apologies I was referring to the API. Every time I use the API to upload something I keep getting an error. ERR_METADATA_VALIDATION

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Hi @Ritch_Cuvier

Can you reach out to chat support or with the asset_id?

This will help us identify the issue.