Auto select lower resolution on mobile


How can the embed player select automatically a lower resolution on mobile like 360p (I’m using HLS + DASH format with 380p, 480p, 540p, 720p and 1080p)?

I can see that the “auto” option is selected by default wich is 1080p on desktop and also on mobile devices.

Can you help please?

Thank you

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@user4, the resolution is selected based on the user’s internet bandwidth. If the Internet is slow, lower the resolution. But do you have any use case where you want the user to see the low resolution video even with access to high quality video?

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Hi @akbansa,

the video I’ve uploaded has almost 800mb, so a user on mobile shouldn’t be loading a 1080p video and wipe out 800mb of bandwidth.

I’ve uploaded the same video to vimeo and vimeo selected the 360p version but Gumlet stick with 1080p (original quality).

1080p for mobile on a tiny screen is overkill in my opinion.

How can we fix it?

Thank you

@user4, the user bandwidth is the deciding factor.

One way is not to generate the 1080p versions for your videos. So you can generate up to 720p videos.

Hi akbansa,

Sorry for insisting but how can Vimeo select a lower resolution automatically and Gumlet doesn’t?

I need 1080p resolution for desktop user.

Hi @user4, can you share a URL to the Vimeo video? Because when I tried this Vimeo, I got 1080p as the default selection on Mobile and Desktop. Probably, I was on the same Wi-Fi connection. So it’s the same as Gumlet.

Hi akbansa, you should be on mobile but on a data plan (3g or 4g) to really test that.

I don’t currently have an exemple to share.