Broken Embeds: How to avoid and find them?

We embeded Gumlet Clips in a WordPress site and found a few of them broken. The video is no longer available, and the unsightly embed code and metadata gets rendered in the frontend. My biggest problem, however, is, that we don’t get alerted when an Embed breaks.

My questions
I think of your video URLs as permanent links that stay the same after you change the name of the clip, change the description, add tags, or move it to another collection in the Gumlet App. Is this all correct?

Assuming that the embedding website did not change after embedding Gumlet content. What events could make embed links break?

Do you offer custom fallback graphics if Embeds break temporarily (so that website visitors don’t get to see code rendered in the frontend)?

Most important of all: Is there a way for your customers to track which of their embeds work? Is there even a way to set up failure-alerts via E-Mail / popular messenger apps?

Quite in general, it would be great to see where any Gumlet asset is used and how it performs in each location: It has been viewed 212 times on Homepage and 112 times on Blog page, but more people viewed the full clip on Blog page. Can one extract this sort of data with video analytics that customers have to set up themselves?


@hoja, thanks for asking these questions in detail.

I think of your video URLs as permanent links that stay the same after you change the name of the clip, change the description, add tags, or move it to another collection in the Gumlet App. Is this all correct? => This is correct as the video URL remains the same whatever operation you do.

Usually, the reason for the link to breaks are:

  • if you added some parameters in the URL but those were not added in the right format.
  • if you delete a video
  • if you add domain/geo-restrictions

No, there is no way to add fallback graphics.

Yes, you can get insights on which Embed is getting how many views. You can create a report in the analytics for the same. Attached is the sample report:

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 11.51.22 AM

Thanks for confirming.

None of your list items apply – oddly, we still see embeds breaking. There must be yet another option that we need to investigate.

Okay, then we have to take care of this locally.

Thanks for showing me these Analytics Options! I struggled with two of its options, though. Page URL, as originally requested and shown in your screenshot, did not accept my URL (it was as simple as it gets The modal showed me a red flag and didn’t allow me to continue, see image below.

I also tried filtering by video URL. Here, you offer a Search Field – and I’d expect that I could perform a search for video titles. This did not work either, no search results were fetched.

Finally, I entered the video URL directly – and I again wasn’t allowed to proceed.

If this actually works, you need to show better failure messages. What exactly went wrong. Do you expect some other URL? No good UX, overall…

Last, but not least: Could you lift this silly limitation that required me to split my answer to three posts?

@hoja - let me get back to you on this in some time.

@hoja, apologies for the inconvenience.

For the analytics thing, your collection does not have any insights property attached to your collection. I have shared the screenshot for the same in the chat support for you to check. You need to map one property by going into collection settings.

Thank you. I have found the screenshot and mapped the insights property. As a user with decent technical background, but not much experience in the field of video streaming and its analysis concepts I can say that your backend doesn’t give a lot of guidance.

From options in analysis dropdowns this looks powerful – but I have no sense of the hierarchy of your various grouping concepts. And I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only one who struggles. Do you have an in-depth article or a mind map on your setup?

As video is just a tiny part of our project, I also don’t want to spend lots of time. Maybe you could provide a few sane analytics presets that get people started (or would even suffice for their needs). Those who need more, could always dig deeper.

@hoja, that’s a valid feedback. We already have plans to implement better analytics to get started.

Here are the explanations for all the metrics tracked - Metrics Tracked