Can I play the HLS link to a specific external player apk?

I am working on my college major project and where I am using an external player apk and now wish to play the HLS link in it. I tried many ways but fails. Can someone from the community please help me to figure this out?

Yes, it is easy to play an HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) link in a certain external player on an Android smartphone by using a third-party program that allows you to open the URL in the player of your preference. You can download and install the third-party app on your Android smartphone, then set it as the primary player for HLS connections.
When the HLS link asks you to choose a player when you visit it in a browser or another app that supports HLS playback, you can then use the third-party app you previously chose as the default player. When you hit the HLS link, the external player you selected ought to now start playing.

Thanks for your response! And is there any estimated time it will take?

Please note that the process may vary depending on the specific third-party app and external player you are using.