Can you explain how do instant video playback URLs work?

In order to offer customers seamless and immediate video playback, URLs are usually employed in online platforms or applications for playing videos instantly. These URLs are intended to send a particular video file straight to the user’s device without additional buffering or waiting.

Gumlet’s instant transcoding technology works by converting your original MP4 video (a bulky file) into a stream-friendly HLS format. (Small chunks that stream well).

While your video is stream friendly, it is still not optimized for best performance and only has one resolution (the input resolution).

Gumlet is working in the background on compressing your video, optimizing it, and creating different resolutions. This process takes a few minutes for a typical video. (On average it takes 30% of the video length)

The near part about this is that Gumlet updates the same URL to deliver multiple resolutions and optimized video once the work is done.

So you can upload a video, copy the share link instantly, put it in an email, and send it to your users. When they open the email, the link will have the optimized video. And you wouldn’t have wasted a second waiting for your video to be processed.


Great feature. I have noticed that LinkedIn and few other tools that ask for a video link will not accept the Gumlet video link.