Codec or bitrate or sampling? Which is the most important for the best sound quality?

I’ve developed a straightforward YouTube downloader, and I’m currently grappling with the decision of how to designate the “best audio” format. In my research, I’ve examined the source code of ytdl-core, a JavaScript-based YouTube downloader, and observed that it ranks audio formats primarily by bitrate and encodings, with a significant emphasis on bitrate. However, I’m contemplating whether sampling should also play a role in this evaluation.

Is there a definitive guideline or golden rule that I can follow to make an informed decision based on factors such as bitrate, encoding, and sampling, in order to determine which audio format offers the highest sound quality?

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Hi there! The fact that you are creating a YouTube downloader is fantastic. Selecting the “best audio” format requires taking into account several variables. Although bitrate and encoding are given priority in ytdl-core, sampling does play a big part in sound quality.
While there isn’t a universally applicable rule, greater bitrates, and appropriate encodings can often result in higher-quality audio. Audio fidelity is influenced by sampling or the quantity of samples recorded in a second. Have you considered any particular use cases or downloading preferences?

The best overall sound quality is my main goal. I want the audio experience for consumers to be fantastic. It’s a little intimidating, though, because there are so many formats and variables.

Absolutely! Starting with higher bitrates and a common encoding like libmp3lame is a solid approach. It ensures compatibility and generally improves audio quality. You might experiment with different bitrates to find a balance that suits your users.

Additionally, if storage space is a concern, providing options for users to choose their preferred format or bitrate could be beneficial. It allows users to customize their experience based on their preferences and available storage.

Thanks for the guidance! I’ll experiment with these suggestions and aim for a balance between quality and user preferences.