Cost optimisations

Hey First of all I’d like some brief know how on how is banwidth usage calculated? (We use images from AWS S3 buckets as source).
Recently we compressed images on S3, optimised on app , will that help in bandwidth savings, Will we have to purge existing cache for the same to take effect? Will purging cache cause insrease in bandwidth usage.
We’ve also started using transformation on our different clients. Are each transformations on gumlet side also chargeable?

Hi Saurabh,

  1. Bandwidth usage will be calculated based on bytes served by the CDN for optimized images.
  2. Any compression on original images will help you with bandwidth saving (it’s not advisory to update the original image though).
  3. Cache purging has to be done when you update the original image.
  4. No, cache purging will not increase bandwidth usage.
  5. No, we don’t charge for transformations.

An ideal setup would be for you to store your original images in S3(without any compression) and let Gumlet take care of the optimization and delivery.

I hope I have answered your queries, feel free to revert.

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Hey Vatsal, thanks for the response! few more questions - We’re charged from aws on bandwidth out, we’re primarily in aws mumbai. Whenver gumlet accesses files in s3, we should be getting charged by aws on basis of bandwidth our right? Also on which cloud provider and region are you guys situated?