Embed/Video URL not working

Hi guys, I am trying to embed or even post the url in an App called “Heartbeat” (also with AppSumo) but it’s not working, just showing the actual code or link. Help would be appreciated. I bought tier 5 and I am thinking about refunding if it’s not working. Thanks


Sorry to see that this is not working. Can you give us some example and if possible DM me some temporary access credentials so we can check in depth?

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Hi Aditya
I am not sure why it’s not working. I am also using Adilo (also AppSumo) and this is working like a charm, so hopefully we can make Gumlet work as I really like what you’re doing.
So you want me to give you access directly to my Heartbeat account?

Aditya, hi there! :slight_smile: As a new user, I’m having the same issue, and it’s a bit discouraging. I just got this platform less than an hour ago, so that’s a bit concerning as a first impression. The code works fine on Clickfunnels but not for GHL. Any ideas as to why? I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, yeah, I have the same problem actually, sometimes the embed doesn’t really work, I am using tools like SwipePages, thrivecart, etc…and sometimes it displays the video, sometimes it does not. If it’s like this I will have to refund. Let’s hope there is a fix for this.
@adityapatadia Is there an official email I can use to share my details for the platform in question, I don’t feel too comfortable sharing this here in dm.

Please share on support at gumlet.com and we will get this sorted.

Hi @user13 - would really appreciate it if you could share the details through our chat support on Gumlet.com.