Error "Media resource FILEPATH/FILENAME.mp4 could not be decoded"

When attempting to play a video on Firefox, I am having trouble. Media resource FILEPATH/FILENAME.mp4 could not be decoded, according to the error message I’m getting. There are issues with playback due to this fault. Are there any solutions or procedures that can be taken to address this problem and enable Firefox to successfully play videos?


Hey Sahil!

Media resource FILEPATH/FILENAME.mp4 could not be decoded, means Firefox is having trouble decoding and playing the video file you’re trying to watch. This issue could be caused by a number of things, including an outdated video format, a corrupted file, problems with your browser, or issues with your system settings.

You can use the following troubleshooting techniques to solve this problem:

1. Verify Video Format

Make sure the video file that you’re trying to watch is in a format that is supported. Common file types that are commonly supported by Firefox include:

  • MP4 (H.264 codec)
  • WebM (VP8/VP9 codecs)
  • Ogg (Theora codec)

Consider utilizing a video converter tool to convert a video to a format that is compatible if it is in a different format.

2. Upgrade Firefox

It’s necessary to use the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox because older versions of the browser may have compatibility issues. The most recent version is available for download and installation on the official Firefox website.

3. Clear the Cache and Cookies

Sometimes playback problems can be caused by cached data and cookies. Try deleting the cache and cookies on your browser before trying to play the video again.

4. Turn off Add-ons

Add-ons or browser extensions may obstruct the playback of videos. Disable any video or ad-blocking extensions for the time being, as they can be the source of the issue.

5. Restart Firefox

Restarting the browser can sometimes fix short-term issues that impair video playback.

I hope this may solve your problem, do let me know if you have further queries.


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I am also facing the same problem and your solution worked for me but I have one more ques that, what could be the potential causes of the error message “Media resource FILEPATH/FILENAME.mp4 could not be decoded” on our video streaming platform?

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These are a few potential causes of this error message. It might be the result of a problem with the video file itself, a browser or device compatibility issue for the user, or even a network-related issue. To determine the precise cause and put a solution in place, you need to do additional investigation.

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Thank you Gumlet community for solving my queries.