Frequently Asked Appsumo Customer Question: What are my limits on my Legacy Appsumo account?

If you purchased Appsumo Lifetime Coupons for Image Optimization monthly bandwidth but cant find billing and bandwidth details :-
Upon logging in, you can navigate to this link in order to check your billing cycle and download invoices Login - Gumlet and here on this link you will be able to see your redeemed coupons Login - Gumlet . If you have 1 coupon redeemed for 100GB for lifetime your monthly bandwidth is 100GB per month for the lifetime of your account, if you have 2 100GB coupons it would be 200GB a month for the lifetime of your account and so on.

For video optimization and video insights your monthly quota would be the same as our free plan (see here for more details on our free plan : Gumlet Pricing - Start free, Pay as you scale.)
Hope that helps!

For any further queries you can reach out at