Google Storage error "The specified key does not exist"

We have an issue with “resolving” images from GCP.
For example: we have 2 images in the one GCP bucket, but one of them could not be loaded through the Gumlet.

The image that works fine:Сети/0336FC71-836A-11EC-B86E-853979C6DFA8-1969х1100 Сет Нео.png

And another image that could not be loaded through Gumlet:Сети/9CCC9281-F6B8-11EB-886B-FD9A92CC5477-Сет Філадельфія Хіт.png

This error is randomly repeated on some images from the current GCP bucket.

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Hi @X100_Venus - I’ve tagged my colleague from engineering team. Help is on the way.

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@X100_Venus - this issue has been resolved. Let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you! The issue was resolved.

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