Gumlet Backs React India Conference

We at Gumlet are excited to announce our association with React India conference. Gumlet is the Silver sponsor for the 3-day event between 22nd September - 24 September, 2022 @ Goa.

React India is India’s biggest gathering of React developers. The event will be graced by renowned speakers from all over the world. There will be over 3000+ attendees online and over 600 attendees from all over India who’ll attend the offline event.

We Gumleteers look forward to interacting with all the attendees and exchange ideas and insights about the latest in tech. We’d also showcase how Gumlet’s products make it easy for front-end developers to integrate video pipelines in their applications.

We’ll also be running an online webinar for anyone interested. I’ll make another announcement about it. Stay tuned!

PS: If you are attending the event - do drop by our booth to say hello. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth!

Join us to chat about video in Goa :beach_umbrella: