Gumlet Webinar: All about Video Profiles in Gumlet

Deck: Kaustubh - Understanding Video Profiles in Gumlet

Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive deeper into the world of video profiles in Gumlet - a powerful tool for your video content management.

​In this session, we’ll discuss setting up video profiles for the best video experience for your audience.

​What you will learn:

  1. ​Understanding video profiles and how to use them
  2. ​In-depth exploration of variety of settings like
  3. ​Video output formats and video resolution
  4. ​Video codecs
  5. ​Video trimming options
  6. ​Video cropping options
  7. ​Video overlay and padding
  8. ​Generating subtitles
  9. ​How to use video profiles
  10. ​Questions and Answers