Gumlet Webinar: Everything about adding videos to your website


  • Setting Up Video Optimization 00:44
  • Embed The Video On A Personal Website 10:47
  • Embedding Videos For E-commerce Website 14:18
  • Embedding Videos For Online Education 18:56
  • Embedding Videos For OTT/Media-Based Websites 22:44
  • Setting Up Image Optimization 32:05
  • Q&A 38:28

Join us to unlock the full potential of video content on your website!

​Discover how Gumlet’s advanced video optimization system can revolutionize the way you deliver videos to a global audience.

​Our clients have experienced an average optimization improvement of 57%, and we’re eager to show you how you can achieve similar results.

What You Will Learn:

​This webinar is packed with practical insights and tips:

  1. Starting with Video Optimization: Learn how to easily set up video optimization on your website from the ground up.
  2. Exploring Use Cases: Understand the various scenarios where Gumlet’s video solutions can be effectively applied to your advantage.
  3. Optimizing with Gumlet: Discover how to combine our video and image optimization tools for maximum efficiency and impact.
  4. Special Black Friday Offer: Learn about our exclusive Black Friday lifetime deal, a perfect opportunity to enhance your video initiatives at an unbeatable value.

Who Will Benefit:

  • ​Website Owners seeking to improve user experience and performance
  • ​Small Business Owners aiming to establish a strong online presence
  • ​Marketing Professionals looking to leverage video content for better engagement
  • ​SAAS Product Enthusiasts interested in the latest optimization technologies
  • ​Video Content Creators and Vendors looking for efficient distribution solutions

Here is the presentation:

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