Gumlet Webinar: How to Create Your Branded Video Channel on Custom Domain

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Sign Up: How to Create Your Own Branded Video Channel on Your Custom Domain · Zoom · Luma


​In the digital age, owning your content platform not only provides you control but also strengthens your brand identity.

​But how do you set up your own branded video channel without the technical fuss?

​This webinar, hosted by Gumlet’s Product Manager, Anshul Bansal, will guide you step-by-step on leveraging the power of the Gumlet Dashboard to create a unique channel, customise it to resonate with your brand, and host it on your personal domain.

​Join us to unlock a powerful way to broadcast your content on your terms.

What You Will Learn:

Gumlet Dashboard Mastery: Navigate and utilise Gumlet’s Dashboard with ease. Whether you’re a newbie or a tech-savvy individual, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your own video channel, ensuring you harness the full potential of this tool.

Branding It Right: Your brand is unique, and your video channel should be too. Learn about the plethora of customisation options available, and discover how you can tweak and modify the look and feel of your channel to align seamlessly with your brand’s image and message.

Domain Dominance: Don’t get lost in the crowd with generic URLs. This webinar will delve deep into the technicalities of setting up a custom CNAME and walk you through the steps to host your channel on your very own domain. Say goodbye to generic links and hello to a professional web presence!

Questions & Answers: Got questions? We’ve got answers! We’ll round off our session with an interactive Q&A segment, ensuring all your queries about setting up your own branded video channel are addressed.

Who Should Attend?

  • Brands and businesses looking to establish a strong online video presence.
  • Content creators aiming to reinforce their brand identity.
  • Web developers and tech enthusiasts keen on exploring new tools and platforms.
  • Anyone interested in diving into the world of personalized online video channels.