Gumlet Webinar: How to integrate Zoom Recordings with Gumlet


  • Introduction 01:15
  • Table of Contents 02:00
  • Why Integrate Zoom with Gumlet? 03:26
  • Automated uploads in Gumlet 03:27
  • Video pipeline on autopilot 04:59
  • Save money Zoom billing plans 06:36
  • Multiple ways of integrating Zoom with Gumlet 09:01
  • Third-party Automation Tools 09:33
  • Why do you need that setup? 12:04
  • Direct integration via Zoom Webhooks 14:36
  • Steps involved in Zoom X Gumlet direct integration 18:57
  • Other Gumlet Webinars 31:12
  • QnA 32:00


  • ​Gumlet is a full-stack video hosting, security and streaming platform, thoughtfully designed for the video-first internet. With an Intuitive CMS, ad-free fully customizable video player, multiple layers of security, and a host of other features, Gumlet simplifies the entire video workflow for small businesses, creators and agencies.
  • ​In this webinar, we will take you through the Zoom integration with Gumlet and how can you automate your video streaming pipeline from Zoom recordings and we will end the session with an open discussion with our product team to get all your questions answered.

In this webinar, you will:

  • ​Learn various ways to integrate your Zoom account with Gumlet
  • ​Know exactly how Gumlet can help you with an automated video streaming pipeline
  • ​Understand how the platform works and if it fits your workflow
  • ​Interact with our team and get clarity on any questions you might have

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