Hello to the Gumlet Dev community from the Scotland of India - Coorg! I’m Ashik, please reach out to me if you want fresh, authentic Coffee harvested from my very own estate.

Professionally, I’m a BDR at Gumlet who talks about the latest developments in video tech and its importance. Personally, a movie buff who loves trekking, attending music festivals and playing football.

P.S. Who do you think is going to win the FIFA world cup this year?:soccer:

Hey  - that’s an awesome introduction. For FIFA; I’d bet on Brazil, but an underdog is likely to take the title.

Who do you think will score the max goals? :smiley:

, you must definitely list down your top 5 movies :movie_camera:. With a disclaimer :smiley:

waiting for the movie recommendations from you, Ashik. Also, I am going with all in for France to win this time in Qatar. Cheering loud for our :goat: Benzema :partying_face:

Liverpool under the ownership of Ambani, with the guidance of the supreme leader, will win the World Cup.:rofl: #YNWA

Welcome !
You do have a great taste in movies :slightly_smiling_face:

You will walk alone :sunglasses:

Thanks  Argentina looks like they’re going to be the favourites going into the world cup and most likely to win :sunglasses: with Messi scoring the max goals in the tournament.

Argentina will be lifting the World cup this time around!:sunglasses:

Anyone up for a wager for the finals? Argentina is going to win the world cup with Messi scoring the Max goals of the tournament :sunglasses: