How can I add DRM to existing HLS?

In my current project, I use an encoding server to convert mp4 files into HLS playlists using ffmpeg. Now, there’s a requirement to implement screenshot protection, and I’ve come across the idea of using DRM for this purpose. However, I have some questions:

Can I implement DRM on my own, or do I need to purchase DRM keys? Is it essential to use a third-party DRM provider, or is it just for convenience?

Is it possible to add DRM protection to existing HLS playlists, or do I need to re-encode everything? I’ve seen tutorials using bento4 with DRM, but they seem geared towards DRM providers. Can I run DRM using my infrastructure and keys without a third-party service?

Could you guide me on how to convert a simple mp4 file into HLS, ensuring that when played in Safari on iOS, it cannot be screenshot?

Any assistance on these queries would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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