How can I identify and resolve format or encoding issues causing one video to play on desktop browsers but not on mobile browsers?

I’m facing a playback issue where two videos work fine on desktop browsers, but only the second video plays on mobile browsers. This suggests a potential problem with the video format or encoding affecting mobile compatibility. I have the following questions:

  1. How can I identify what video format or encoding issues could cause playback to fail on mobile but not on desktop.

  2. What if specific codecs or containers are known to have compatibility issues with mobile devices.

  3. What factors like video resolution, bit rate, or size are affecting mobile playback due to device limitations.

  4. Different tools or methods to analyze and compare the encoding of both videos to find discrepancies.

  5. Is mobile browser settings or updates might be impacting video playback and how to adjust these for better compatibility?

I need to identify the root cause to adjust the video settings or format, ensuring smooth playback across devices.

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