How can I insert the thumbnail? Is it possible to modify the thumbnail?

Can I add a thumbnail to my videos? If so then, what are the steps to be followed to do that?

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Hey Nora!

Yes, you can generate the thumbnail from your video. Follow the given steps below:

Collection ID and Asset ID

  • Login to your Gumlet account.
  • Click on Collections from the Video drop-down menu on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Copy the id on your Gumlet Dashboard. For example:

  • Now, send a request to this link:{COLLECTION_ID}/{ASSET_ID}/thumbnail-1-0.png

  • Another way is to generate images using a time query. For that just add the time parameter to the above link.{COLLECTION_ID}/{ASSET_ID}/thumbnail-1-0.png?time=1

Please visit this link for more information: Images from Video


Please setup an easy way to upload a thumbnail or clip a frame from the video. There should be a way to do this from the UI.


Hello Brian! Thank you for your suggestion. We track all the suggestions via our Feedback board. Here’s a suggestion similar to yours - Allow upload of multiple thumbnails with different aspect ratio | Voters | Gumlet

Take a look and feel free to upvote it or submit a new feature request. Let me know if you need further assistance.