How can I upload the .m3u8 playlist on Gumlet?

You can process video using an.m3u8 URL, but you can not post the.m3u8 file itself since the HLS video format consists of multiple files rather than a single .m3u8 file, and at this time, we do not allow the upload of multiple files with a single video asset.

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Can we use gumlet to create a m3u8 links for Roku

Currently, I am using vimeo to house my content but would like to use gumlet as the new hosting provider. I need an m3u8 lin to post to npoint is this possible


Hello Corey:
Here are the links to
1. Upload a video to Gumlet
2. Generating .m3u8 links using Playback url

Here is the full suite of demo videos for your reference :

We will post the best way to integrate with TV apps such as Apple/Roku publicly per your recommendation.

For more visit:

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