How can one troubleshoot and resolve the "fragment not found" error, which is preventing the successful download of specific video fragments?

When downloading videos from Vimeo, I’ve been having a confusing problem with yt-dlp. Often, I get a ‘fragment not found’ issue. This issue stops some video fragments from being successfully retrieved, which interferes with the download process.
As a member of this community, I’m excited to gain knowledge from you. Would you kindly offer your knowledge and expertise on how to troubleshoot and fix this problem effectively?
What are any tried-and-true tips or best practices for getting beyond this obstacle while using yt-dlp for Vimeo downloads?
Are there any recommendations for overcoming this issue when using yt-dlp for Vimeo downloads?


I understand that, while downloading videos, the fragment not found warning can be very confusing, particularly if you are using yt-dlp to download videos from Vimeo. The following are some suggestions and troubleshooting actions to fix this issue.

1. Examine the video link

The first step in resolving the fragment not found error is to confirm that the video link is correct and functional. It is imperative that you make sure the URL you are using is error-free and has no broken links.
It’s crucial to double-check the link because even a small typo can cause the error message to appear. Furthermore, take into account whether Vimeo is still hosting the video. Videos may no longer be available for download if their privacy settings are altered or removed. Make sure you have entered the password correctly if the video is password-protected, as an erroneous password can also result in the fragment not found error.

2. YT-DLP Update

As developers frequently provide updates to fix bugs and enhance compatibility with many video hosting services, including Vimeo, keeping yt-dlp up to date is essential for resolving issues.
You can use your system’s package manager or the official GitHub repository to update yt-dlp. Checking release notes and changelogs can assist in determining whether the particular problem you’re having has been fixed in a recent release.

3. Check the Connection to the Internet

The success of video downloads is mostly dependent on the quality of your internet connection. In order to avoid download interruptions, you must have a reliable and sufficiently fast internet connection. Keep an eye out for any disruptions or changes in your internet connection; even short-term outages might cause downloads to get interrupted.
If at all possible, choose a cable connection instead of Wi-Fi, which is prone to interference, as connected connections are typically more stable.

4. Get the Whole Video Download

If you are having trouble with any particular segment of the movie, downloading the full video is a good solution. Usually, this can be accomplished by removing any flags or options that direct the download of particular fragments. Once you have the entire video, you can use video editing tools to trim it later if needed.
It’s important to keep in mind that downloading the entire film could take longer and demand more disc space, but doing so will help you prevent problems with incomplete downloads and guarantee a more seamless experience.

5. Examine the options for video quality

Not all Vimeo videos are available for download in the format and quality that you are trying to choose. It’s important to check the available video quality options and make sure the film you want to download is available in the exact quality and format you’re looking for. By utilizing flags like --format to indicate the preferred quality and format, you can modify your download command. The fragment not found problem may be avoided by making sure the chosen quality and the video’s available options are compatible.

You can improve the quality of your troubleshooting attempts and raise the probability of fixing the fragment not found error while using yt-dlp for Vimeo downloads by adhering to these comprehensive instructions.

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Even after double-checking my internet connection and updating yt-dlp, the “fragment not found” error persists. What should I do if these measures don’t resolve the issue?

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Hey Rashi!

Try to check video quality options

Make sure the format and quality you’re trying to download are compatible with the particular video. Occasionally, the error occurs when you attempt to download a format or quality that isn’t available for that specific video. Check the quality options that are available and modify your download command to suit by using flags like “–format” to indicate the format and quality that you want.

Examine Other Download Options

It might be worthwhile to experiment with various flags and instructions in yt-dlp, like “–prefer-ffmpeg” or “–external-downloader.” By changing the download technique, these options could be able to fix the fragment download problem.

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Could you recommend reliable video editing software for post-download trimming of videos? I’m interested in finding trustworthy tools for this purpose.

Sure Vivek,

So, with its extensive feature set for video editing,

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

It is a professional video editing program that allows for accurate trimming and cutting. It accommodates users of all skill levels.

2. Final Cut Pro

Known for its sophisticated trimming and editing features and intuitive interface, Final Cut Pro is a highly regarded video editing program for Mac users.

3. DaVinci Resolve

Among the best video editing and cutting options is DaVinci Resolve, a robust and free video editing program with an extensive toolkit.

4. HitFilm Express

It is a free video editing program that offers powerful trimming and cutting tools and impressive special effects features. It’s an economical choice.

5. Shortcut

Shotcut is a free and open-source video editor with an easy-to-use UI and useful cutting tools for basic video editing needs.

Take into account aspects such as your budget, talent level, and the complexity of your editing requirements when choosing video editing software. These software choices accommodate different capacities, so you can select the one that most closely matches your unique needs.

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Thank you Gumlet community for your response!