How do I integrate Gumlet With Laravel?

You can refer to our Gumlet.js integration guide or you can choose to use Gumlet URLS directly which are 40% more optimized, to get server-side Gumlet Integration, as per your requirement.

With Laravel, you would have two options:

  1. Server-Side Optimization: Plug in Gumlet Image URLs like regular Image URLs into tags or any other location. These are at least 40% more optimized than your original image URL and converted to the latest format and best size according to the device’s internet network.
  2. Client-Side Optimization: To get dynamic to resize you can use Getting Started, you will be adding our JS snippet in the section and based on your setup change the src attribute in to data-src.

For Backgrounds: You can refer here on how to set CSS background Javascript (Gumlet.js)