How do I secure a video so it can only play in my Flutter App?

I’m creating a Flutter app with exclusive video content, thus I need to put in place controls that limit video playback to only my app while protecting it from unauthorised access or sharing. What techniques can I utilise to securely protect the movies while ensuring a smooth user experience?

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In order to protect your videos and deliver a positive user experience depend on building a Flutter app with original video content and assuring safe access.
You can use the following methods to accomplish this:

1. User identification and account administration:

You can create a user authentication mechanism to only allow authorized people access. And, to secure user account management, you can use authentication services like Firebase Authentication. At the end, establish a user registration and login process that requires users to log in in order to access the content.

2. Authorization Based on Tokens:

Secondly, implement token-based authorization to give authenticated users access. Give users individual access tokens that control their access to content when they log in.
To maintain access control, safeguard user tokens and set them up to expire or require regular renewal.

3. Secure Video Archiving:

Put your video content on a respected, secure video hosting website with private video settings, such as Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube, and make sure videos are hidden from the general public by setting them to private or restricted access.

4. Encryption of Content

Even if access to the video files is somehow obtained, encrypt your video material to prevent unauthorized access. You can use the encryption tools or Flutter libraries that your hosting platform offers.

5. Logic for Access Control and Authorization:

Integrate strong authorization and access control logic into your Flutter project. For that set up user permissions and responsibilities to control who has access to what information, such as setting up different access levels for free and premium users.

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What about the streaming and server-side authorization method?

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In this method, your videos are saved on a server and access is managed by server-side authorization when you use the streaming and server-side authorization options.
This is how it operates:

  • Video Server: Keep your videos safe on a secure server. Users cannot directly view the videos.

  • App Request: Your Flutter app sends a request to your server when a user requests to play a video.

  • Server Authorization: The user’s credentials and permissions are verified by your server. It transmits the video to the app so that it can be played back if allowed. If not, entry is prohibited.

This technique makes sure that your videos can only be viewed through your app after the appropriate authorization has been given, giving you tight control over who has access to them.