How do you compare to Adilo in terms of video protection?

We have all the features that Adilo provides but Gumlet offers features like dynamic watermarking and confining videos to a single website, whereas Adilo does not. Not only that, on top of this you get a more stable product which is a delight to use.

Dynamic watermarking

It shows the information dynamically on top of our video player so that it becomes easy to identify while recording. For example name, email, user id, IP, etc.

There are two ways to approach this:

  1. Player Customization (Player Customizations)
  2. Custom Watermark (Dynamic Watermarking)

Restriction on videos

If you want to restrict your videos to specific websites then follow the below-given steps:

  1. Go to the Video Collections.

  2. Edit your collection and navigate to Video Protection.

  3. Enter the domain that you want to allow to play your Collection videos.

  4. Read more about video protection here - Video Protection

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