How does creating a title card for a merged video using FFMPEG result in slow-motion playback?

I have three video clips extracted from a longer video, which I successfully concatenated. However, when I add a title card to the beginning of this merged video, I encounter issues.

I created an image in GIMP, matching the video frame dimensions, and used ffmpeg to turn it into a 5-second video. But after adding this title card to my video, I face problems: the title card plays normally, but the subsequent video and audio segments are in slow motion. Additionally, the title card displays for longer than 5 seconds, and the audio for the main segment starts before the video.

I suspect the issue lies with how I generated the title card clip, possibly involving incorrect bitrates, but I’m not sure how to align them correctly. What am I missing here?

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It appears that your title card video’s frame rate or encoding settings may be the cause of the problem. It’s important to make sure that the frame rate and bitrate of the movie you create with ffmpeg match those of the original video segments.
Could you please verify that the frame rate of the video in the title card matches the other video clips?

I checked, and the frame rate seems to be the same. But I’m not sure about the bitrates, how do I check and adjust them?

You can check the bitrate of your videos using ffmpeg’s ffprobe command. To align the bitrates, you may need to re-encode your title card video. Use the -b:v flag in ffmpeg to set the video bitrate to match your original clips.

I used ffprobe and adjusted the bitrate, but the title card still runs longer than 5 seconds, and there’s a mismatch with the audio. What else could be wrong?

This might be a problem with the way ffmpeg is concatenating the files. Ensure you’re using the correct concatenation method. For instance, using the concat demuxer or the concat filter, depending on your file format, can make a difference.

For mixed media types like a still image and video clips, the concat filter or demuxer might be more appropriate. They handle different file types more effectively. Try using the concat demuxer by creating a text file with the list of your files and using the -f concat option in ffmpeg.