How secure is Gumlet?

I’m concerned about the security of my videos; does Gumlet give 100 % security, and What procedure I can follow to make my videos secure using Gumlet platform?

Hi there, Gumlet provides the set of security choices per video collection, ensuring that the selected choice are applied to all videos in that collection.
Gumlet provides the three ways to secure the videos:

• Signed URL: Gumlet allows the clients to generate the expiring, signed URLs to protect their content. Unauthorized readers will not be able to download your public content if you use signed URLs.

• Geo-block: Geoblocking feature allows clients to restrict access to videos served by Gumlet to particular countries.

• Access Allowed Referrers: Using the HTTP “Referer” request header, Gumlet allows you to limit access to your video content.