How to connect two GIFs to play in sequence one after another in Python?

Is there a way to combine two GIFs so that the final GIF is a total of 20 seconds long if GIF 1 is 10 seconds long and GIF 2 is 10 seconds long?

You can use python libraries to perform this and may be below example can help you.
Using the Python Pillow library:
You can use the Pillow library to open and display GIFs in Python. To play two GIFs in sequence, you can simply open and display the first GIF, then open and display the second GIF after the first one finishes.
Here’s some sample code that demonstrates how you might do this:
from PIL import Image

Open the first GIF

gif1 =“gif1.gif”)

Display the first GIF

Wait for the GIF to finish playing

Open the second GIF

gif2 =“gif2.gif”)

Display the second GIF

When I attempted this before, I received an error, thus I believe my coding was incorrect somewhere. Let me check this out once more. Please leave me some alternate suggestions in the comments.


If the first one won’t work for you then you should give a try to this option, Using the Python moviepy library:

You can also use the moviepy library to play GIFs in Python. This library provides more advanced video processing capabilities, including the ability to combine multiple GIFs into a single video. Here’s an example of how you might use moviepy to play two GIFs in sequence:

from moviepy.editor import *

Open the first GIF

gif1 = ImageClip(“gif1.gif”)

Open the second GIF

gif2 = ImageClip(“gif2.gif”)

Combine the GIFs into a single video

video = concatenate_videoclips([gif1, gif2])

Play the video

video.preview()I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for this!