How to convert HLS manifest to MPEG-DASH?

I’m searching for a tool that can convert the HLS manifest to the MPD manifest.

Hey Reena!
There is a tool called MP4Box that provides the ability to re-package HLS video into MPEG-DASH video.

But in my experience, I found MP4Box is a hard tool to deal with.

Oops! Any other suggestion or platform which is easy to use?

You can use FFmpeg, you just have to take the HLS URL as an input, and map all the streams which you need in your MPEG-DASH with -map option and output dash format. Consider following the FFmpeg command as an example.
ffmpeg -i hls_url -map 0:v:0 -map 0:v:1 -map 0:a:0 -map 0:a:1 -c copy -adaptation_sets “id=0,streams=v id=1,streams=a” -f dash output.mpd

Let me try this and will come back here if I need help.

We are happy to help you.