How to Download Gumlet All Video Segments?

How can I download the m3u8 Segments in the Original Source Gumlet I did not see such a feature Download on a Site Called Bunny When I pressed it gave the source file as a zip how can I make it a gumlet I just discovered Gumlet, it is a very nice platform, I would be very happy if you could help


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Hey @osla_laktas, currently we don’t have the feature to download the HLS manifest and media files in a Zip file. You can always download HLS files via URLs programmatically. But I would like to know about your use case for downloading HLS files.

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I have a video project of about 5000 pieces, your service is excellent, but the other cdn has this feature, but it is not as advanced as yours.

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Hi @osla_laktas - I’m glad that you liked our service. I’d recommend raising a feature request on our feedback board: Feature Requests | Gumlet

It helps us prioritise upcoming features. Thank you.