How to flush/purge cache in Gumlet?

You can purge a single image through the dashboard or call API to clear the cache.
Dashboard• Login to your Gumlet account.
• Click on the dropdown menu Image on the left side of your dashboard.
• Select Purge Cache.

• Create a source before jumping to Purge Cache.
• Click on Create New Source and fill in the required data.
• Select the platform of your choice or as per need and move to the Next Step.
• Click on Create Source and now jump to Purge Cache.

For more: Cache Infrastructure.
APIUsing an API for Purge, please follow this guide: Purge Cache

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How can I delete cache for a particular folder ? Don’t you think its very annoying to flush cache for individual image.

Hello There,
Thanks for your input and for writing to us.
We have provided the API for bulk cache purge for your development team to write a script to purge urls in bulk either by client side folder or tagging systems.

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