How to play the H265 video on Chrome?

I’m tackling a project that involves playing H.265 videos on Google Chrome. Despite my efforts, I haven’t been able to find an effective solution. Is there anyone within your community who could provide some guidance and assistance with this challenge?

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Due to licensing and patent restrictions, playing H.265 (HEVC) videos directly in Google Chrome has historically proven difficult. Nevertheless, there are several possible methods you can take into account to allow H.265 video playback in Chrome:

  1. Use Browser Extensions

    Consider using browser extensions that bring H.265 codec compatibility to Chrome by purchasing them from the Chrome Web Store. In essence, these extensions fill the gap between the browser and the codec.

  2. Activate Experimental capabilities

    On occasion, Chrome offers access to experimental capabilities that may offer a limited level of H.265 codec compatibility. Be careful that these features might not work consistently and may even be unreliable.

  3. Choose Alternative Codecs

    If you have control over the video content, you might want to encode your videos in a codec like H.264 which is more widely supported by browsers.

  4. Convert Video Formats

    If you have H.265 videos that you want to be able to play in Chrome, you might want to first try converting them to an H.264-compatible format.

  5. Think about various browsers

    You might consider using a different browser to accommodate H.265 playback requirements. Some browsers, including Microsoft Edge and others, have begun providing built-in H.265 functionality.

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