How to scrub to a specific time in live event with HLS video format?

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Say if I wanted to scrub a live event HLS playlist, such as seek to the beginning of the stream, is it as simple as calculating the point in which I want to seek to and the AVPlayer will be smart enough to find that media segment file from the playlist?

I think, scrubbing in a live event with HLS is usually disabled by default. Isn’t it?

Yes, it is but in HLS video format, there is a file called master playlist which is accessible by the video URL itself, this master playlist contains information about video streams with different resolutions and points to a file called child playlist for each video/audio stream. These child playlist files contain information about media segments that need to be played.

Does these child playlists static or dynamic?

For a video on demand, these child playlists are static but for live event theses, child playlists are dynamic, changed every few seconds with the addition of new media segments and removal of older segments which prevents scrubbing in the live events.

Understood, Thanks