How to segment a live audio stream into WAV files upon detecting silence, facing issues with FFmpeg stream closure and file creation?

What should I do? I am now working on breaking up a live audio stream so that I can identify quiet times and start a WAV file every time I hear one. I’m having trouble using FFmpeg for this task, despite my best attempts. In particular, I am getting an error saying that the stream is closing too soon, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get any WAV files to generate.

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Hey Komal!

To segment a live audio stream and save WAV files upon detecting silence, you are utilizing FFmpeg right?. However, encountering issues like stream closure errors and a lack of saved WAV files suggests potential hurdles in the process.

First, ensure that FFmpeg command for audio segmentation accurately detects silence thresholds and initiates file saving as needed. Review all the command parameters, including silence detection thresholds and duration settings, make sure they align with your requirements.

Next, examine the FFmpeg output log for any errors or warnings that may shed light on the stream closure and file creation issues. Verify the stability and reliability of the live audio stream source to prevent interruptions during segmentation. Try to implement error-handling mechanisms to manage stream closure events gracefully and then, validate the file-saving process by confirming permissions and directory configurations for writing WAV files.

Testing the segmentation process with simulated or recorded audio streams can help identify and address issues before applying it to live streams. Overall, error logs, stream source stability, and file-saving mechanisms is essential for resolving challenges and achieving successful audio segmentation.

Thank you