How to set up DRM streaming with video.js for Fairplay and Widevine/Playready dynamically?

Streaming a DRM-protected live broadcast is compatible across major web browsers. My setup includes a Fairplay stream for Apple devices and a combination of Widevine and Playready streams for other devices. While I’ve verified that these streams function correctly on their respective platforms using standalone players, I’m uncertain how to efficiently direct the Fairplay stream and its licenses to Apple devices, and the MPEG-DASH stream along with its licenses to other devices.

I came across the detectSupportedCDMs() function documented at GitHub - videojs/videojs-contrib-eme: Supports Encrypted Media Extensions for playback of encrypted content in Video.js, but there are warnings about its reliability and notes suggesting it might fail. It appears this scenario is a perfect fit for implementing DRM with video.js, yet I’ve been unable to find any example code demonstrating how to set this up. Has anyone successfully implemented this or a similar setup?