How to troubleshoot Azure Media playback?

I’ve been trying to play an Azure Media DRM-protected video in the Plyr video player, following the official documentation from both Plyr and Azure Media Services.

Unfortunately, the video keeps loading indefinitely without displaying any error messages. I’ve checked that both libraries are set up correctly, and I’ve implemented the integration code as instructed. Can you guide me on troubleshooting and fixing this issue?

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Hey Sahil!

First, confirm that the video protected by Azure Media DRM is readable and correctly encoded. This includes verifying that the required DRM setups are in place and confirming the encoding settings.

You could also check the network tab in the developer tools and the browser’s console for any error messages or unsuccessful requests. This can offer insightful information about the causes of infinite loading.

Finally, you should think about making sure the Plyr video player works with the Azure Media DRM version you are currently using. Version-specific adjustments or considerations may be required.

Please feel free to share any specific issue messages or information you come across so that we may continue our debugging together.

I have verified that DRM configurations are in place and have validated the encoding settings. Nevertheless, there are no error messages displayed in the network or console tabs. I’m using the most recent iterations of Azure Media DRM and Plyr.
Do these two have any particular compatibility problems, or is there something else I should be looking into?

Well, it’s important to confirm that Plyr and Azure Media DRM are compatible versions, even if compatibility is usually guaranteed by the most recent versions. Updates can occasionally bring about changes that call for modifications to the integration code. Now, investigate any potential CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) problems. Make sure the domain hosting your Plyr player can send queries to your Azure Media DRM server.

If compatibility appears to be fine and CORS isn’t the problem. Examine the network requests using the developer tools, paying close attention to any unsuccessful attempts to obtain a DRM license. This could provide further information on the underlying cause.

I cross-checked that Plyr and Azure Media DRM versions are compatible, and they appear to be in line. I’ll double-check the server settings with regard to CORS. In the meantime, I observed that the requests pertaining to the acquisition of DRM licenses are, in fact, failing in the network.
How can I deal with this, and what might be the cause?

Great! The problem has been limited to authentication errors during the DRM license purchasing procedure. Verifying the expiration status of your credentials or authentication tokens is one of the additional considerations to take into account. Verify that they are still active and haven’t expired because invalid credentials can result in problems with authentication.

Additionally, see if Azure Media DRM has any special requirements for token formatting or extra headers in the license acquisition requests.

If the problem continues, contacting the Azure Media Services support or community forums may offer more detailed information about any recent changes or recognized authentication-related problems.