How to use named pipe with FFmpeg?

I have written a video play in which it shows live video streams and encodes it into a mp4 file at same time. For that purpose I need to use a named pipe with FFmpeg. Is there any way I can use a named pipe with FFmpeg?

Using a named pipe with FFmpeg is very easy, you just need to create a named pipe using mkfifo command on a Linux-based distribution and you consume or provide output of FFmpeg in named pipes. Consider the following example.

ffmpeg -i live_stream_url -f mp4 pipe:1 > outpipe
ffmpeg -i outpipe -c copy -f mp4 output.mp4

Is there a Mac OS X equivalent of Windows’ named pipe like in Windows, I connect to a console programme using named pipes (ffmpeg). I attempted to rewrite this for the Mac and thought I had success, however neither FireMonkey nor even the OS X native code contains named pipe support. Does it even exist?

Reena, in that case you can use mkfifo to create named pipes and the alternative is Unix domain sockets, which are technically more effective because they are bidirectional.

 Or you can use lsof | grep PIPE if you wish to see the system pipes.