Html5 video integration cors origin error

hi. i had implemented playback url in html 5 . i am getting this playback url in video assets api.
but i am getting error “playback url need access token”

Gumlet ;

Gumlet Insights SDK

<video id="my-video" width="640" height="264">
  <source src="" type="video/mp4" />

<script type="text/javascript">

  // Player configuration
  var playerOptions = {
    preload: false

  // Create the Gumlet Configuration JSON
  var gumletConfig = {
    property_id: 'RwzUGf3_', // required:  please replace with correct property id.

  var video = document.getElementById('my-video');
  var gumletInsights = gumlet.insights(gumletConfig);

"this is my code."

Hey, you are trying to play a DRM-protected video without passing the tokens to the player.

For the player to decrypt the video it needs tokens which you can generate on your backend server and pass to the front end via an Ajax request or on page load depending on your technology stack.

You can refer to this doc which explains what DRM is and how you can implement it. It also has code snippets to make your integration faster and easier.

Do let me know if you need help.