Image API with Contentful: conflicts

I’ve create a Source (Web Folder) with Base URL and Gumlet Subdomain “spitalsg”.

I now have two issues:

  1. When I make a request like the image will not be resized

  2. When I make a request with focalpoint cropping, I’m getting an error (from contentful image api): ?mode=crop&crop=focalpoint&width=100&height=50&fit=fill&format=auto&fp-x=0.5&fp-y=0.3

It seems that Gumlet has conflicts with Contentful Image API. It also seems that Gumlet “forwards” all queries to the original url, which is why #2 is not working. But may be the reasons are different.

(By the way, if you wonder why we don’t simply use the Contentful Image API: they don’t support any focal point cropping)


  1. is the problem because our free plan only supports 6000x6000 input images. If the input image is bigger, the free plan does not perform any processing on it. I suggest you upgrade to the growth plan and then give it a try. It should work.
  2. The issue is now fixed and we won’t forward those parameters to contentful. It should work fine for you now.