Increasing Default Size of The Player (When Visitor Has Clicked My 'Share' Link)

Can I increase the default size of the player when it has been clicked by the visitor using my ‘share’ link?

Background: I’m using Gumlet to distribute my company’s technical support videos. Our user base contains a substantial number of people who are not tech-savvy and I fear they will probably not see the Enter fullscreen tool at the bottom right of the player - or not know what it means. Therefore, I would like to help them out a bit and increase the size of the player as soon as they land on it, so that they don’t just click away because they think the resolution is too poor.

I am currently using the free trial, but am planning to take out a Starter subscription.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi , Welcome to Gumlets community. We are happy to share our thoughts on your requirements. We have relayed this to our engineering team please wait while we come back on this.

@Lina_Gordon, have checked your notes. This is not possible at our end. Are you currently using any other tool that does this for you? Feel free to share more details with us on the chat support. We will evaluate and respond accordingly.