Is CDN required for small videos on the Hero banner?

I am attempting to post a video to my banner hero. Videos never have audio and are always looped. I’ve read a lot of articles, and using CDN is one thing they all have in common.

Is using a CDN really necessary for a 20 to 25-second video?

Small videos on the hero banner are not necessarily required to employ a content delivery network (CDN), but they can considerably enhance performance and user satisfaction. By distributing video content to viewers from servers that are located nearby, a CDN can assist cut down on load times and buffering. A CDN can also aid in traffic offloading from your primary website servers, lowering the chance of server overload and outage. In conclusion, while not a requirement, it is strongly advised for improved website performance and user experience.

What other best practices exist for using video in hero banners to speed up site loading and aid in page indexing?