Is there option to hide Plan details in dashboard screen

Dear Team,

I would like to hide the plan details showing in dashboard bottom as you can see here in the image. Even if i give someone only video admin access, still they also have access to plan details in dashboard screen. Please help me to resolve this.

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Nice point. We will get this done in around 15 days’ time.

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thank you so much for this amazing tool @adityapatadia and gumlet team
There are few things i noticed which can be improved:
1.Once we give access to team ember, when we login, they are greeted with "loads of red color Toast messages like “You don’t have access to this feature, contact org owner”. I feel, it’s not a good experience for the team member. When he/she login first time to dashboard, don’t show the toast messages at all. Only show the toast when we try to access any menu where they don’t have access. When team member login first time and see all these toast messages, they will feel like, too much restricted. Anyways in dashboard, just showing analytics which they have access.
You can see the screenshot here: Image 2023-11-30 at 2.03.47 PM

2.There is no option to update the name when the account was created via appsumo license system. In profile page, name field is locked. It should be open be open, so we can update our name. When i created this community account, it took my email id as name which i don’t like at all.

Like the above, there are many minor points i have noticed which can be easily fixed.

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Thank you gumlet team, it’s fixed now. If you can check the other points i mentioned, that would be great.