No Audio with Auto-play

Hey, Wonderful souls,

Will you please enable the audio to play when the video auto-plays? That’d be nice. Thanks. :partying_face:

Hello @user13 - The autoplay without mute is a policy enforced by the user’s browser. Modern browsers will mute the video automatically. Take a look at this official blog post from Google: Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome Developers

Let me know if this helps. I’ll try to find a workaround for this.

Hi Kaustubh,

Thank you for the link to the article regarding Google Chrome 66. However, the autoplay was implemented in Chrome 77 after feedback and new behavior was implemented. The policy for Chrome’s autoplay policies changed in April 2018. To clarify, below is the functionality I’m

requesting and referring to.

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@user13 - Thank you for your response. Really appreciate it.

I’ve referred this to a member of our engineering team. They’ll respond to this thread in some time. Let’s see what they’ve got to say about this.

Hi @user13

Apologies for any confusion; here are the details of Chrome’s policy to enable audio:

  • The user must interact with the page, and the audio can be programmatically enabled. Since our iframe does not have control over the page where it is embedded, we can’t do it from our end. You must add a custom code to the page to make it work.

  • Media Engagement Index threshold has been crossed. You can check your media engagement index by opening this URL chrome://media-engagement/ in your Chrome browser. For every user, it’s different, and it changes based on their interaction with videos on different domains.

  • They need to add our domain on their home screen in Chrome which is usually not the case. The users may add your website/domain on their home screen but not the Video Embed URL. This is no easy job to implement. However, it requires advanced technical expertise.

In web standards, achieving this for most domains except YouTube or Facebook is impossible. Also, their videos are muted on Chrome, irrespective of the device (mobile, tablet, or laptop).

Let me know if you have more queries.

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