Not able to play the H265 stream with DRM on Chrome

I’m having trouble playing H.265 streams on Chrome and it seems that Chrome doesn’t support certain codecs or DRM for H.265.
Just want to know does Chrome’s support for H.265 in conjunction with DRM systems have any known restrictions or considerations?


Hey Komal!

Chrome’s H.265 capability is mostly determined by the fundamental browser and the codecs that are integrated into it. Chrome has been steadily enhancing its support for H.265, yet it’s important to remember that codec support may fluctuate across different Chrome versions.

When it comes to DRM, Chrome usually supports widely used DRM platforms like Widevine for content security. It is important to verify, nevertheless, that the version of the H.265 codec and your particular DRM provider work with the Chrome browser you are using.

Got it! Can you tell me which versions of Chrome are known to support H.265 with DRM better than others?

Chrome changes often, and new editions can provide enhanced codec support. It is recommended that you review the release notes for every version of Chrome to find out about any upgrades or improvements to H.265 support.

Furthermore, watch for any feature deprecations that could impact H.265 playback. Testing it frequently is an excellent way to ensure your streaming setup is compatible with the newest version of Chrome.