Please give our folders more space

Hi, I see there is a new layout for the video CMS folders.

Can we have the folder space to be adjustable or at least make it longer, because I have so much redundant space at the bottom (below Player Customisations) but I have to scroll to see my folders and can only see the first 5 folders.

If not the old layout (where folders are at the top bar) is actually much better.


@raelyntan21, we didn’t want to overcrowd the experience by listing more folders (defaulted to 6). We will be adding more ways to manage your videos via playlist, stay tuned for more updates.

Can you make it longer or make it adjustable?

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on my screen (this is at 100% zoom). As you can see, there’s a lot of redundant space below and yet I can’t see all my folders.


@raelyntan21 - As @akbansa mentioned, we’re working on better ways of video management. Expect an update in the coming days. Your feedback has been conveyed to the product team.

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