Presto Player PRO integration

I need help understanding how can I use a protected Gumlet video with Presto Player PRO. Would you be willing to guide me? I got it working (sample video) located here on my site
It only seems to work on a mobile (Safari) browser but not on a desktop Chrome browser.
It is the default sample video ready for us. I have enabled mp4 for it, besides HLS.

I am using this profile with this video.

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hey @jacek - welcome to Gumlet community. My colleague from tech-team will answer your query shortly.

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Hey @jacek, We have figured out the issue. The problem is that Presto Player uses a library named HLS.js to play HLS links. The library version loaded by them is very old (version 0.14) while the current version is 1.4.6: Releases · video-dev/hls.js · GitHub

We use the newest protocol of HLS which is not understood by the 0.14 version of the library and hence the issues. Since you are paid customer of Presto Player, I request you to ask them to upgrade the HLS.js version to the latest one and it will solve the issue.

Most likely it will be just one line upgrade for them to do it so they should be willing to do it. If nothing works, you can always use our own player and links support oEmbed, which should resolve all issues for you.

Hope this helps. Please get back in case you need further help.


Thank you! Presto Made replied to the message and confirmed it should be fixed in their next plugin version. I can only hope they will manage to do this. Thank you for your help and support!

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