Re Naming uploaded video

Quick newbie question…My first upload was an mp4 with a name I chose at the time of saving from Camtasia. I uploaded it To Gumlet, then changed the name in the Edit area of Gumlet, but when I copy/paste the url, the video displays the Camtasia name. Is there any way to change the name of the video, or must I always re-name exactly as I want it before uploading?

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@Jim_Phillips - welcome to Gumlet. I’ve requested a member from our technical team to look into this issue and respond. Accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey @Jim_Phillips, When you upload a video on Gumlet, it automatically picks up the video’s filename as the title. You can change the title by editing the title input box while uploading the video, refer to the following screenshot.

And you can always edit the title from CMS by clicking on the video asset and editing the title box in the right-side pop-up, refer to the following screenshot.

When you upload a video on Gumlet using a URL, you will have optional field boxes for title, tags and description, refer to the following screenshot

I hope this helps!

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