Video Comparison Tool by Gumlet

Gumlet has recently launched a video comparison tool that lets you compare your existing video versus the video optimized by Gumlet. This tool will optimize the video streams to shrink their size while maintaining the same level of quality.

Let’s do a quick video comparison for a sample .mkv file downloaded from the Internet. The original file size is ~68Mb, in the MP4 video format.

Gumlet’s video optimization technology converts the video into HLS format and reduces the size to just about 59Mb. That’s approximately 13% saving in bandwidth. Imagine the video being played 1000 times over the Internet. Now that’s a lot of bits and money saved.

After the video has been analyzed, this tool will display a side-by-side comparison of both streams’ technical specifications and performance.

Read more about HLS technology on Gumlet’s Learn Section: HLS vs DASH.