Videojs Caption ON/OFF on toggle is not working!

I attempted to make that toggle effect by triggering and clicking on “disable subtitles,” but it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

Kindly provide more information to make clear exactly what you require.

I’m trying to use videojs to achieve that (toggle captions). Since I was using the most recent version of videojs, I was unable to utilize that code.

To make that toggle effect, I had to activate and click on “disable subtitles,” but it didn’t work.
There’s no need to select either “English” or “disable subtitles.” I want to toggle the subtitle ON/OFF, therefore CLICK “CC”

The caption toggle in Video.js might not function for a number of reasons. Check the following items:

• Ensure that the captions are formatted correctly and that they are in sync with the video. Both VTT and SRT caption formats are supported by Video.js.
• Verify that the caption tracks have been added to the player and are properly loaded.
• Verify that the player’s caption methods are correctly connected to the caption toggle button.
• Make sure your browser has the caption track option enabled.
• An issue in an older version of Video.js may have been fixed in a more recent release, so make sure you are using the most recent version.
• Check out the Video.js manual and samples if you’re still experiencing issues, or post your problem in their forum or Git Hub.
• Make sure you’re using the react-video-js package and handling the caption state correctly if you’re using video.js with React.
• If the problem still exists after you’ve checked these things, kindly share further details.