What are the key features and benefits of your service compared to Vimeo?

The following are the main areas that Vimeo does not prioritize but Gumlet does:

  1. Customer service
    Vimeo pays the slightest attention to its customer success, with many of its customers facing video downtimes and not getting support from Vimeo for days. While on the other hand, Gumlet assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to all of its enterprise clients along with an assurance of 99.99% of Uptime and SLA.

  2. Buffer-free streaming
    Users complaining about buffering and lags in startup times are familiar with Vimeo. But with Gumlet’s Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, one can deliver a smooth, buffer-free end-user streaming experience.

  3. End-to-end video platform
    Gumlet is an end-to-end complete video platform, unlike Vimeo. Store and manage your videos with an intuitive CMS, transcode and stream to millions of viewers, protect your video content against illegal piracy with DRM, & analyze your video streams with Insights, Gumlet has it all in one place with one single billing.

  4. Video Optimization
    With Gumlet’s Per title encoding technology, it offers at least 50% better compression than Vimeo without any loss in the quality of your video. This enables one to save a lot of costs related to cloud infrastructure.

  5. Developer friendliness
    REST APIs, webhooks, & detailed documentation makes Gumlet a super dev-friendly tool. One can build a custom video streaming infrastructure with a few lines of code and a few clicks with Gumlet.